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Aussie Father's Horror Ordeal With 12YO Son In Paris Attacks

There are hundreds of gut-wrenching and confronting stories to come out of the events in Paris over the weekend.

And many stories that we will not hear. 

But one thing that is consistent across them all is how confusion was quickly replaced by fear, as the Bataclan Concert Hall was targeted in an unforgivable terror attack.

What started as a father - son outing to see a music concert took a turn for the worse for Aussie dad John Leader. 

Leader relocated to Paris 15 years ago, and decided Friday night was a good opportunity to take his 12 year old son to see Eagles of Death Metal live. 

Innocence had Leader and his son initially think the sound was coming from fireworks outside. A Celebration

“I pushed Oscar to the other side of the mixing desk,” he told the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

“People were three or four deep hiding there. The lights suddenly went on.”

Flash forward a couple of hours and he and his son Oscar were forced to play dead, lying across bloodied bodies in hope of avoiding attention from the killers. 

“All you heard was bang, bang, bang,” Mr Leader said.

“The shooter was standing at the back of the hall and targeting people at the front. He was taking aim. He was not spraying. It was clinical.

“Oscar was trying to get under the mixing desk, but when he got under there, he saw the mixing engineer waving at him to go back because the attackers had a full view of the other side of the desk.

"He tried to get up, but I told him: ‘Stay down, these guys are killers.’

“There was no chance of anyone being a hero because these guys were organised,” he also told CNN.

After inching towards the doors during lulls in shooting, Oscar made his escape with John following seconds after. 

But when outside, the two lost sight of each other. 

John's parental instincts saw him re-enter the building in search of his son... 

And thankfully, after approaching a police officer, the two were united. 

Sans shoes or a wallet. But in that moment, their safety was all that mattered. 

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