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Pint-sized Golfer, 8, Drives Drone Out Of Sky

An Australian golfer is making headlines after hitting a drone out of the sky with one solid drive.

The kicker? She’s eight.

Self-confessed ‘drone killer’ Ruby Kavanagh, currently ranked the number 1 child golfer in the country, was recently captured sending the drone to the ground after lining it up and taking a swing.

Ruby started playing golf at only two years old and is now considered one of the best among the boys and girls in her division.

But despite 250,000 YouTube views and again earning an invitation to the World Junior Championships in North Carolina, Ruby’s gofundme page has only garnered a trickle of support – so far only clocking $3000 of her $25,000 goal.

The internet is also divided on whether the drone downing was staged or a crazy accident.

But whether it was an attempted viral marketing attempt or not is pretty much irrelevant, her skills should concern anyone heading out to fly their drone.


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