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Autistic Girl, 5, Stuns Parents With Miracle

For three years, Coco Bradford didn't utter a word and communicated solely through pictures. 

Diagnosed with autism, Coco had started speaking at the age of two, before stopping suddenly. 

This week, 5-year-old Coco stunned her parents when, out of the blue, she asked for 'more toast please'. 

Her mother and full time carer, Rachel Bradford, 48 said "Her exact words were "I want more toast please". She just kept saying it and we were just like "oh my god". It was a really magical moment - it was the first thing she has said in three years. 

"She was so pleased with herself and was jumping up and down and just kept saying 'I want more toast'. I am not surprised her first words were about toast. She loves it and has always eaten it.

"Like most kids with autism, she has a very limited diet. You are not supposed to show how excited you get as kids link power with that word but we just couldn't control it. We were clapping and cheering." 

Bradford lives in St Ives, Cornwall with her husband Luke and four other children, Bianca, 28, Chelsea, 25, Elle, 22 and Oakley, 8. 

"It is just so lovely and I can not explain how happy we all are. They day after, my husband came home from work and Coco poked her head around the corner and said hello. The speed of how quickly she has learnt has shocked everyone. She is now shocking us every day with something new." 

Source: Dailymail

Images: APEX

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