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Baby Dies After Being Left In The Bath Alone For 10 Minutes

The mother of a baby boy who drowned in a bathtub in Adelaide on Sunday has spoken out.

Kelly-Anne Deverix was giving her 15 month old son, Junior, a bath when she left him alone to go and do some washing.

The child was alone for around 10 - 15 minutes.

Kelly-Anne says she believed Junior would be ok because, “He was very waterwise... He could stand up. At times he could slip but was able to pick himself straight back up.”

However Junior's lifeless body was found floating in the bathtub when Kerry-Anne returned to the bathroom.

Paul Donley, Juniors Dad, tried to revive the little boy, but was unsuccessful.

The couple say it was an honest mistake.

"It’s true you shouldn’t leave your children alone in the bath, some of us mothers take faith in that sort of thing. If my hearing was perfect I might have heard something,” said Kelly-Anne.

The couple say they just want to take this time to grieve but are trying to remain strong.

"I can’t go regretting, I can’t keep blaming myself for an honest mistake,” the devastated mother said.

Source news.com

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