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Baby’s Tragic Death Is An Important Reminder For Parents

A baby girl has died after being electrocuted by a phone charger while her mother slept beside her.

It is believed the tot began chewing on the cord after her tired mother fell asleep.

According to reports, the mother became aware something was wrong when she woke up and realised her daughter was not making any noise.

Discovering her lifeless body, the Kazakhstan woman rushed the baby, who had no pulse and was not breathing, to hospital.

Sadly, it was too late and the little girl had already lost her life.

In a post that has gone viral, nurses at the hospital have warned other parents of the dangers of leaving children unsupervised near chargers.

Writing “Do not leave your babies unattended with chargers,” they shared a photo of her shocking injuries.

Left with burn marks on her hands and arm, it is thought the wires became exposed after she began chewing them.

What To Do If Someone Receives An Electric Shock:

- According to Better Health, the first thing you MUST do is disconnect the power supply. Do not touch the victim till then.

- Next, check if they're breathing. You may need to begin CPR.

- Call triple zero for an ambulance.

- If they're breathing and responsive, attend to their injuries. Burns should be cooled under running water before being covered.

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