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BREAKING: Paris Terrorist Mastermind Killed In Police Raid

The ringleader of the Paris bombings Abdelhamid Abaaoud has reportedly been killed in a police raid in Saint-Denis after a seven hour standoff.

A women, allegedly Abaaoud's cousin also blew herself up seconds into the raid, while eight have been arrested.

Some reports suggest there may be a third fatality but that is as yet unconfirmed.

A "commando" of people arrested or killed in a massive police raid in a Paris apartment were a terror unit capable of staging a fresh attack, the city prosecutor says.


"A new team of terrorists was neutralised and all indications are that given their arms, their organisational structure and their determination, the commando could have struck," said Paris prosecutor Francois Molins on Wednesday.

He also said police had found a mobile phone belonging to one of the gunmen and suicide bombers who staged France's worst-ever attacks on Friday, killing 129 people and injuring over 350.

The phone was found in a dustbin outside the Bataclan music venue, scene of the worst violence, where 89 people were gunned down.

A text message showed one of the gunmen had sent a message saying "we're ready, let's go."

The message was sent at 9.42pm local time, before the attack, Molins said, adding that police were investigating who the message was sent to.

What Paris Mastermind Planned Next: 

As bodies are pulled from the rubble of the violent raid in North Paris \, police believe they know what the mastermind was planning next. 

Police believe the dramatic raid may have stopped another wave of attacks planned for a shopping mall in the French Capital's business district and another at the Charles de Gaulle airport. 

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