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Bruce McAvaney Has Revealed He Has Cancer

Bruce McAvaney, an Australian broadcasting legend, has cancer.

McAveney, who turning 64 this year, has revealed to the Herald Sun that he was fighting leukaemia.

The Seven Network star has told the newspaper that he was ‘living a complete life.’

He carried on to say ‘“It is quite strange to say I have leukaemia because I feel well,” before admitting that his illness was part of the reason as to why he quit calling the Australian Open.

“Look it could be very serious,” he said of the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, or CLL, a type of blood cancer. “It could jump out of the ground at any moment. I don’t expect it will. But I’m living a complete life with no restrictions.”

McAvaney was diagnosed more than two years ago during a routine check-up that returned an abnormal blood test.

He then fatigued at the end of last year following a year of Olympics, AFL and Spring Racing.

McAveney is now taking a break from television while he gets back to full strength.

Source; Herald Sun

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