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Image Credit – John Marshall

It doesn’t get much more Aussie than this.

Vegemite ice-cream. Yep – you read right!

And you can get it right here in Canberra, but for TODAY only at Frugii’s Dessert Lab in Braddon!

Owner and ice-cream maker, John Marshall, aka Mr Frugii, has whipped up a delicious batch just for Australia Day.


He’s expecting a mixed response to the unique flavour.

“A lot will love it and some will just try to at least say they did, but some won’t,” Mr Frugii said.

It’s not the first time he’s made this special concoction.

“I first did it over ten years ago and sold out at markets around Canberra.”

So why has it made a comeback?

“What prompted me was the Bega purchase of the Vegemite brand, so it was an easy decision,” he said.

“People should try it because I’ve made it so it’s tasty, I haven’t gone for the overkill. It’s a pleasant salty caramel like flavour, and it’s Australia Day!”

This isn’t the first time Mr Frugii has experimented with wacky flavours.

“I’ve done blue cheese, butter chicken, seafood laksa, to name a few, all of which were very well received,” he said.

So make sure you don’t miss out on THIS unique flavour… head to Frugii in Braddon NOW for some salty creamy goodness!

To find out more about Frugii and other sweet treats around the capital, check out our list on where to best the best ice-cream in Canberra.

Frugii took out the number one spot!

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