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Image Credit - eleanor_nellie/instagram.com

It’s not something you hear of happening very often.

The GIRL proposing to the GUY.

Well, one Canberra lady mustered up the courage and challenged the stereotype.

Nellie Paynter spoke to Kristen and Rod this morning about how she got down on one knee and proposed to her fella at his surprise 30th birthday party in Turner.

“I think he was very surprised. I did manage to keep the engagement a surprise so I think he was pretty blown away by that,” Nellie said.

The proposal also came as a surprise to their friends and family.

“I think a lot of people couldn’t believe it was happening they thought I might’ve been doing a joke, I’m a bit of a joker in my life, and a lot of people kinda thought is this really happening?”

As you’ve probably gathered by now, he did say yes!

The pair had previously discussed untraditional proposals, so Nellie had a good feeling her now fiancée would be on board.

“I can’t believe the amount of love and support we’ve got, especially for something that’s a bit unique,” Nellie said.

“Everyone that’s in our family and friendship groups have been so incredibly supportive and it’s been really really lovely.”

Nellie has this advice for any girls thinking of taking the leap..

“I’d highly recommend any girls thinking of proposing to their partners to go for it!”

The story prompted Kristen and Rod to put the call out on Facebook, to find out what other ladies have also gotten down on bended knee.

“I proposed to my husband on Xmas Day 2015. I was pregnant with our first born and, not having money for a ring, I had our son’s 19 week in utero heartbeat engraved onto a dogtag. That was his present, along with a card with the proposal on it. I was too nervous to say it! Turned out he’d figured out what I was up to, and before he opened his gift, got me to watch a homemade video with music clips in which he answered the question before he read my card. I loved it. Our son was born a week later. We eloped the following June.” – Gabziela

“I asked my now husband to marry me. I proposed to him at Blues Point on the Sydney Harbour in 2008. It’s our 7 year wedding anniversary this May.” – Allison

“Yep one night after some drinks I asked him lol.” – Amanda

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