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Image Credit – National Zoo & Aquarium

We all know what it’s like for us on these 30 plus degree days.

We seek out shade, turn the air con on and bring out the zooper doopers.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones!

Animals at the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra have been given some special enrichment items to keep them cool in the summer heat.

“Depending on the species we actually have fishsicles, bloodsicles and fruitsicles going out to cool down and hydrate all our animals,” Operations Manager, Renee Osterloh, said.

The bears and otters are partial to the fishsicles, the big cats love the bloodsicles, while the primates, meerkats and sun bears enjoy a fruitsicle.

“We also have lots of pools and baths and sprinkler systems to keep all our animals nice and cool and hydrated,” Ms Osterloh said.

Even the red pandas and tree kangaroos enjoy frolicking under the misting systems!

“It’s the same as us running through a sprinkler at home in the backyard,” Ms Osterloh said.

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