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It’s the news no parent wants to hear.

Just days ago, Canberra parents Kathie Griffiths and Adam Potts were told their beautiful 3 year old daughter has a terminal illness.

On the 30th of December, Annabelle Potts was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumour, found at the base of the brain.

Annabelle was rushed to the Sydney Children’s Hospital the same day for further assessment, where her parents were told she has anywhere from one month to three years to live.

Three years being the absolute best case scenario – and that’s with treatment, if treatment is possible.

That’s what faces Annabelle and her family over the next few days, all sorts of tests to work out the best way forward.

“The news came as a huge shock to us all, but especially to her mum and dad who not only had to come to terms with the initial diagnosis, but the fact that they will most likely lose their beautiful little girl,” Annabelle’s aunty, Louise Griffiths, said.

“They will no longer be able to look forward to seeing her graduate, get married or any other milestone that those of us with healthy children often take for granted.”

With Annabelle needing her parents by her side, Kathie and Adam can no longer work.

That loss of income, coupled with medical expenses, has put increased financial pressure on Kathie and Adam, who also have a 15 month old boy, William.

So the family decided to set up a Go Fund Me account, led by Annabelle’s aunty, Louise.

“We want Kathie and Adam to focus all their attention on spending as much quality time with Annabelle as possible without the stress of worrying about working or paying the bills,” she said.

“We love Annabelle as a niece, sister, daughter, granddaughter and friend, and your support through this difficult time will mean more to Kathie and Adam than you can ever imagine.”

Over 230 people have helped raise more than $32,000 in just 3 days, nearly half of the $80,000 goal.

And the donations continue to roll in, with messages of love and support.

Local café Tommy & Me has also thrown their support behind the campaign, vowing to donate all of January’s tips to the family.

The community’s generosity has moved Annabelle’s parents, who posted this message today:

“We are so truly touched by everyone’s kind words and amazing generosity. It is so inspiring to know there are so many amazing people out there and you are giving us the strength to go on each minute, hour and day. Much love to all of you wonderful people xoxo.”

You can also support Annabelle’s family on their incredibly tough journey, by making a donation at the Go Fund Me page.

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