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Emergency Crews Rescue 413 Kilogram Woman With A Crane

Marie Bowman suffered incredible loss in her lifetime, losing her grandmother, her mother and her son all in a short period, and as her world shrunk, she grew in size.

But it wasn't until last week, when an ill Ms Bowman realised she couldn't make it out her own front door that she knew things had become really bad.

In order to get the 70-year-old out of her apartment, the Fire Department of New York had to go to extreme measures, using a crane to lift the 413kg womab through the window of her second floor apartment in Harlem.

It “was the first time I discovered I couldn’t get out of my apartment,” Ms Bowman said.
“I had grown too big. And that was frightening, because you don’t think, never once, that I wouldn’t be able to get through my door.”

“They applauded when they got me through the window and to the ground. It made me feel very bad, like a spectacle,” she cried. “Like a three-ring circus.”

Ms Bowman had last left her home in September. That was also the last time she was able to walk, she said.

“I was just coming home and it happened all of a sudden,” she recalled.

“I was pivoting to sit down on the bed, and then I couldn’t swing my other leg back — and I was frozen.”

In a bedside interview with The New York Post, Ms Bowman revealed that she's ready for a second chance.

“This is my life, not a show. I want to live. I’m here in the hospital because I want to live,” she said through tears, as she ­reflected on years of lost loves and pain.
“I am determined to get better. Weight reduction, exercise. It’s scary to know that you can pick up that kind of weight.”

Source: News.com.au

Video via New York Daily News

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