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Heading Out This New Years? You Might Need An Umbrella

It's the biggest party of the year.

But revellers may want to keep an eye on the weather forecast before heading out on Sunday night for New Years Eve. 

Brisbane and Sydney are both at risk of showers both on New Years Eve and New Years Day, which could rain down on some people's party plans. 

There's 70% chance of showers in Brisbane on Sunday - expected in the afternoon and evening - but don't expect that to bring with it a cool change. 

The mercury is still set to hit 30 degrees. 

Meanwhile Monday is much the same with an 80% chance of rain and even a thunderstorm, with 5 to 20mm of rainfall anticipated. 

Sydney patrons could too see themselves opting for an indoor venue to ring in the new year. 

Although the forecast says showers are more likely to be in the morning and afternoon - so you could be safe. 

There's still a high (70%) chance of rain or a thunderstorm on New Years Day too. 

The rest of the nation look to be spared from the rain and storms this New Years Eve. 

Melbourne is looking at a top of 25, Adelaide a top of 26 and Perth a warm 34 over the public holiday. 

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