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Image Credit - Pongnathee Kluaythong/123rf.com

If you’ve felt like it’s been particularly hot and sticky since Christmas, you’re not the only one!

Canberra’s experienced 30 plus temps since Christmas, with temps expected to stay in the early thirties, right through till the New Year.

“Today and in the days preceding it’s been quite warm and humid in the evenings and the day, and that’s something we’re going to see last the next seven days,” Weatherzone senior meteorologist Jacob Cronje said.

“And we’re looking at temperatures in the day reaching the low thirties all the way into Sunday.”

It’s expected to be particularly warm in Canberra tomorrow, with a top of 33 degrees in the day, and a balmy 21 at night.

And if you’re already feeling the heat, the higher levels of humidity won’t help.

“There’s a chance of light showers every day, so what that will do is raise the humidity and make it feel like the temperatures in the high twenties and early thirties in the evenings,” Mr Cronje said.

“Usually around this time, Canberra does experience summer rainfall, but it’s usual that temperatures stick to the higher twenties, but it’s never usually this humid. It has happened before, but last year for instance, it was quite dry during this time.”

So make sure you keep those blow up pools and pedestal fans handy Canberra, looks like you’ll be needing them for a while longer!

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