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Image Credit – khunaspix/123rf.com

Today marks the first day of school for thousands of Canberra kids.

And with that – comes the nerves.

Some tears from the littlies, but often it’s the parents who struggle more!

Sending your little one off to big school for the first time, all dressed in their uniform, backpack and lunchbox in tow.

It can stir up mixed emotions – excitement, fear, nervousness, joy, pride, and often, all of the above.

The ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations has some advice for parents.

“The main thing is to be prepared, allow time for a balanced breakfast, arrive at school well before the first class to allow time to settle in, and be positive and reassuring,” P&C President, John Haydon, said.

“When you’re at the school and you’re about to leave, I think it’s important to let your child know who is going to pick them up, show trust in the teacher, and show your enthusiasm about school and learning.”

Mr Haydon said while it can be a nervous time, it’s also very special.

“It is a transition, it’s a milestone, it’s something we all go through and we should look forward to and cherish.”

There’s also something else parents need to keep in mind – school zones.


Image Credit – jojo64/123rf.com

From today, 40km/h zones are back in force from 8am - 4pm.

Acting Station Sergeant Marcus Boorman from ACT Policing said the zones are there for protection.

“Children, especially young primary school aged children, aren’t as aware of the dangers associated with crossing the road,” he said.

“It’s all about community safety, road safety, and it’s the injuries and things happen very quickly and people’s lives are changed forever.”

Those caught speeding in school zones face fines and demerit points – not just a warning.

“There won’t be any cautions given out. Everyone knows our children are very important and people have just got to obey the road rules,” Mr Boorman said.

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