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Have you driven past Parliament House, looked at those lush green lawns, and thought gee, I'd love to roll down them? Well, now's your chance!

A Facebook event's been organised to give resident rollers one last chance to roll down the hill, before a fence is put up around the lawns early next year.

More than 400 people have said they're going on Facebook, with over 2000 interested.

Organiser Lester Yao hopes everyone who turns out on Saturday can roll down together as one, at 10:30am.

What a sight that will be!

While rolling down the hill can symbolise walking up and over government, Mr Yao hopes the event doesn't become too political.

"It is a day of fun and freedom. I just want everyone to experience the moment, which is something you can take away with you and share," he said.

So if you're keen to tumble on down, Mr Yao's issued these tips:

- Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty

- Dress appropriately for the weather

- Bring wet wipes to clean yourself afterwards

- Don't eat the grass, it's not worth it

- Have fun and be nice to one another!

So get your roll on and enjoy it while you still have the chance!

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