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THIS VHS Of Beauty And The Beast Can Make You $7000

Still scrambling to find enough money for last-minute Christmas presents? This could be the answer to your prayers, guys.

Your old Disney VHS tapes - those were the days - could fetch you some serious dosh on eBay at the moment; you're looking for any Black Diamond VHS classics, which were the first Disney movies to be sold directly into homes.

They've got Walt Disney's signature on the inside, and a distinctive black diamond icon on the spine of the case, and are selling for upwards of $6,500 online at the moment.

Obviously the ones that making the mega bucks are unwrapped - and unused - but, The Sun reports, even the much-loved copies are grabbing a few hundred bucks. 

An opened, very used copy of The Fox and the Hound, for example, nabbed $600 on eBay a couple of months ago, with The Little Mermaid scoring something similar. 

A new-beaut, tip-top condition copy of Beauty and the Beast, however, took an eye-watering $7,000 at auction.

If anyone needs us, we'll be sorting through our mum's attic.

watch: the first trailer for beauty and the beast is here

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