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Is This Lamb Ad Offensive?

After just days, the latest ad from Meat & Livestock Australia has been referred to the Advertising Standards Bureau over its lack of sensitivity.

The “You Never Lamb Alone” ad features religious leaders, including Jesus, L. Ron Hubbard, and Zeus, sitting down at a table for an Aussie lamb barbecue.

What could possibly go wrong?

While its intention was to bring some light-hearted common ground and togetherness to a complex theme, it was inevitable it was going to be controversial.

In the ad, the host of the barbie, an agnostic woman, asks her guests to “not get into religion at the table”, despite that being the only topic they really refer to.

Where it really goes wrong is where the host makes a toast “to lamb – the meat we can all eat”.

Umm, Lord Ganesha is at the table… and doesn’t eat meat.

And people have lit up the campaign’s Facebook page pointing out the disrespect to Hindus.

“This is a disrespect to Hindu religion, hurting our sentiments and a senseless campaign,” one posted.

“Your team has got it totally wrong by implying Lord Ganesha is having lamb at dinner table with other Gods. For your information, Hindu Gods and meat do not go together.”

The MLA has deactivated comments on its YouTube posting of the ad.

The Universal Society of Hinduism has since asked that the ad be pulled and for an apology to be issued.


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