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Jimmy Barnes Narrowly Escapes Injury At Bangkok Bombing

Jimmy Barnes will be thanking his lucky stars today after narrowly missing the Bangkok blast that has killed at least 19 people.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a last minute decision by the Aussie rocker and friends saw them take an overhead walk-way to dinner - avoiding the busy footpath past the popular religious shrine.

More than 120 people were injured in the attack outside the Erawan Shrine which authorities say was targeted at foreigners.

The shrine in located close to upscale shopping malls and is often packed with worshippers and tourists.

Journalist, Alan Parkhouse, was with Barnes at the time and says the decision to take the overhead route probably saved their lives.

"As we made our way across the overhead walkway from the shopping centre to the hotel, there was a very loud explosion and the glass lining the closed-in walkway shook and almost buckled from the shockwave of the blast," he wrote.

"We had just walked right above the spot where the bomb had gone off and were about 50 metres away when the blast shook the walkway and the glass almost shattered. It was a really loud explosion and Jimmy, Jane and I knew it wasn't thunder, a car backfiring or fireworks."

After rushing to the safety of the hotel, Parkhouse says they returned to the road and could see flames shooting up near the middle of the intersection they'd walked over.

Police have so far confirmed 19 people were killed, including 10 Thais, one Chinese and one Filipino citizen.

Top Photo: Jimmy Barnes Twitter

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