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Image Credit - @NickKyrgios/twitter.com

Nick Kyrgios has caused another stir, before even setting foot on court at the Australian Open.

The controversial Aussie tennis star shared a new ad for Nike Australia on Twitter, prompting a swarm of angry tweets.

The ad, which features a moving picture of the 21-year-old surrounded by grey and black clouds and lightning, is captioned: “Dark clouds never got in the way of talent #JustDoIt.”

Nike has copped criticism from social media users for endorsing Kyrgios despite his history of bad behaviour, on and off the court.

“Biggest tool alive, can’t believe someone like Nike would sponsor such a disrespectful person.”

“Cut the cord guys. You’d be better off putting guys like Federer, Nadal or even Pete Sampras in your ads. At least people wouldn’t hate them.”

“Only talents I see from this immature spoilt brat are tantrums and excuses – disgrace to Australian sport – Does Nike supply the dummies he spits?”

The ad has also been criticised for making light of mental illness.

“What a tasteless way of saying mental illness is no big thing.”

“From somebody who has been under those dark clouds in life, this is a disgusting ad, just ask somebody who has.”

Other social media users have labelled Kyrgios “arrogant”, a “tosser”, a “banana”, a “disgrace”, “unsportsmanlike”, “classless”, and “an appalling example for our kids”.

While, there have been a few people who’ve jumped to his defence.

Well, sort-of.

“Get over it haters, you’ll all love him in a week when he’s through to the Australian Open Finals.”

“All these haters will be your biggest fans when you win a major.”

The flood of social media criticism comes as Kyrgios prepares to hit the court for his round one Australian Open match tonight against Portugal’s Gastao Elias. 

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