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Image Credit – Fairfax Media

“It’s pretty explanatory.”

That’s what Canberra tennis star Nick Kyrgios said when asked about his Donald Trump T shirt.

Kyrgios donned the shirt, which has a picture of the US President-elect with devil features and “F---- Donald Trump” down the bottom, after his Fast4 victory over Rafael Nadal in Sydney.

The move has attracted mixed responses online.

“Nick Kyrgios, all is forgiven. You have totally redeemed yourself,” NHT wrote.

“A crude (self explanatory) message from one badly behaved individual to another,” Steve said.

“I have never liked Nick Kyrgios until now,” Trang posted.

“Nick Kyrgios demonstrates a petulance and arrogance rarely seen in Australian sport. Given that, he is sure to be adopted by the left as another one of their champions,” Paul wrote.


Image Credit - @NickKyrgios/twitter.com

Meanwhile, the 21 year old plans to exercise “extreme caution” to give himself every chance of overcoming a knee injury ahead of next week’s Australian Open.

Kyrgios is relying on a course of cortisone to help him through, but is feeling more optimistic after that win over Rafa.

“Even though it was Fast4, you still take confidence out of how you were hitting the ball, the way you’re serving, the way you’re returning,” Kyrgios said.

“He played well, I was serving really well. We weren’t taking it easy at all. We were both going 100 per cent.”

Kyrgios said it was encouraging to hear Nadal label him a future grand slam champion.

“It’s always nice hearing it. I’ve made a couple of quarter-finals, but I’ve got a long way to go,” he said.

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