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Man Monis' Ex-Girlfriend Amirah Droudis Guilty Of Murder

The former girlfriend of Lindt cafe gunman Man Haron Monis has been found guilty of murdering Monis's ex-wife.

Amirah Droudis, 37, was on Thursday convicted of the brutal April 2013 murder following a judge-alone trial in the NSW Supreme Court.

In handing down his verdict, Justice Peter Johnson said he was satisfied Monis had planned the murder and that it was carried out by Droudis.

"The murder was carried out in a hot-blooded fashion by a female with a strong emotional investment in killing (Monis's ex-wife)," Justice Johnson said.

"The killer was a trusted associate of Monis who was prepared to carry out the murder, in a manner desired by Monis, using a combination of stabbing and fire."

Members of the victim's family exchanged smiles when the verdict was handed down.

Monis's ex-wife, 30, was stabbed 18 times, doused with petrol and set alight at a Werrington apartment block in Sydney's west.

The killer wore a long, black hijab.

At the trial, Droudis's barrister suggested the murderer may have been a hired bikie killer or another of the multiple women with whom Monis was linked.

But Justice Johnson rejected those possibilities on Thursday.

He said the "frenzied" knife attack by an enraged woman in a hijab was inconsistent with a contract killing.

The judge said Droudis fitted eye-witness descriptions, and at the time of the murder, was Monis's closest female associate, who had previously demonstrated a willingness to do his bidding.

Droudis was "enthralled" by Monis and had adopted his view of the world.

"I'm satisfied that the only rational inference arising from the evidence is that it was the accused who carried out the murder," Justice Johnson said.

Standing in the dock, Droudis showed no visible emotion when the verdict was handed down.

Outside court a spokeswoman for the victim's family said the verdict had brought "tears full of joy".

She wished Droudis could be given the death penalty and expressed anger that Monis would not face justice.

"It's like he's gotten away with murder," she said. Droudis is due to face a sentence hearing on November 30.


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