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Masters Have Taken Extreme Step To Stop Obnoxious Customers

Obnoxious customers have been responsible for Masters employing security guards to protect staff.

According to Fairfax, the home improvement stores' fire sales have gotten so ugly security had to be stepped up.

Staff have reported being verbally abused and taunted about the closing down of the stores and losing their jobs.

Other customers have been busted tampering with price tags and even stealing.

"[There are] customers who are stealing by going through the fire exits with products, verbally abusing any staff member, swapping price tickets, throwing merchandise on the ground, telling me and others we deserve to lose our jobs,” one Masters employee revealed.

She said customers expected “everything for nothing”.

The news follows frustrated customers taking to social media to criticise the closing down sales.

Many complained the discounting was “soft”, while others have slammed the store for dodgy pricing.

Masters’ fire sale began in August after it was announced the chain would be closing down. 

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