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Meet The Woman Behind Alleged Tony Abbott Affair Scandal

It’s the rumours that made Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinksi famous, and now it’s allegedly happening to our very own former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

This story must be prefaced with the fact that it is still just an alleged scandal, but the rumour mill is in in overdrive, with claims that our former Prime Minister had an affair with his chief-of-staff, Peta Credlin.

According to a report on SMH, a new book by News Corp columnist and former Coalition staffer Niki Savva contains fresh claims that a number of government frontbenchers warned him that his job was under threat unless he sacked Ms Cradling.


However, Tony Abbott is said to have refused to sacrifice his chief-of-staff.

Now, things have taken a new turn.

The allegation is revealed in a new book released today, The Road to Ruin, by political commentator Niki Savva, which explores the peculiar relationship between Mr Abbott and Ms Credlin and the level of influence she had over every aspect of his life, according to a report on the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Abbott said late yesterday he “did not respond to scurrilous gossip” when asked about rumours he was having an affair with Credlin in the book.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refused to comment on the book. “I don’t want to buy into all that commentary,” he told Channel Nine. “I am focused on my job.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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