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More Than 60 Million Compromised By Dropbox Hack

We’re being advised to change our passwords after it was revealed up to 69 million Dropbox accounts could have been involved in a 2012 hack.

The company has confirmed account information including usernames and passwords were accessed in the attack.

Over the past week, Dropbox has sent users who have not updated their password since 2012 an email advising them to do so.

In a statement, Dropbox head of trust Patrick Heim also encouraged users to consider where else they may have used that password.

“While Dropbox accounts are protected, affected users who may have reused their password on other sites should take steps to protect themselves on those sites,” he said.

According to Motherboard, the company hadn’t witnessed any malicious access of those accounts involved.

Dropbox further assured users that a password reset completed last week had protected all impacted users.

“Even if these passwords are cracked, the password reset means they can't be used to access Dropbox accounts," Heim said.

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