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Mother’s Heartbreak After Daughter Dies In Banned Cot

WARNING: Distressing Content

A mother has described her heartbreak after discovering her daughter’s lifeless body in a cot that has since been banned.

Esther Roseman found seven-week-old Grace at the bottom of her crib in April last year.

The tot was purple when she returned to check on her after a bath.

“It was obvious she had been for some time, there was no sign of anything,” she told an inquest into her death.

“She had a cold, she had stuff coming out of her nose. I started screaming ‘Grace is dead’.”

Esther and her husband, Gideon, rushed the little girl to hospital, but she knew it was too late.

“There was no sign, when I made the phone call I never once said ‘She’s passed out’, I said, ‘Gracie, my baby is dead’,” the UK mum revealed.

The Bednest bedside cot is now banned in the UK after a coroner issued a safety warning in 2015.


Grace died from asphyxia after her head went over the edge of the cot, which was half lowered, and she was unable to lift it back in.

The family had received the cot second-hand and did not have instructions which warned against leaving a baby alone when the side was lowered.

Before the inquest, Esther warned other parents of the danger and shared her own personal struggle.

“Immediately following Grace’s tragic death, as her mother, I felt nothing but guilt, self-blame, shame and judged,” she said.

“I felt tortured that I didn’t have the choice of ending my life because I could not be that selfish to my family.”

In Australia, a voluntary recall was issued for the Danish By Design Pty Ltd cot, with consumers being sent self-fit modification kits to lock the panel from folding in half.

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