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Image Credit – Steph Stewart/facebook.com

It’s something no parent would be prepared for, or should have to be.

Steph Stewart got the shock of her life on Sunday when thieves in a stolen car snatched a nappy bag attached to her pram in Queanbeyan.

Luckily, Steph had already put her three-month-old baby, Evelyn, in the car.

Her dad yelled out and chased after the pram.

The local mum told Kristen and Rod this morning, the frightening experience didn’t end there.

“They must’ve realised the nappy bag wasn’t coming off so easy so they smashed it against a pylon to get it off,” Steph said.

“There’s no way they would’ve known if she was in there or not.”

Steph shared a picture of the damaged pram on Facebook, which has been shared nearly 2,000 times, and attracted over 600 comments.

“That is awful. What’s wrong with people? So glad you are both safe.” – Claire H

“What is wrong with people today? Children, babies, pregnant women and elderly people USED to be treated with respect from the community!! Can’t comprehend what has happened to society. Glad you and baby are safe.” – Jenny V

“What the heck? These people need to be dealt with severely.” – Jenny J

“I’m glad your baby is safe. I hope the police catch the culprits.” – Danielle

“Omg I’m glad your baby was NOT in the pram when it happened! What low life grubs!” – Claire E

Understandably, Steph is still upset by the close call that so easily could have ended in disaster.

“I’m still a bit shaky. Yesterday was a bit teary looking at her knowing where she could’ve been if she was in the pram. At three months old you can’t recover from a hard hit. I’m glad she’s okay.”

Steph also told Kristen and Rod, she hasn’t been the only target.

“There’s been a few other incidents like this around Canberra. I assume it might be the same culprits,” she said.

“There was an incident in Erindale and an incident yesterday, all involving nappy bags.”

Police are investigating and are urging anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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