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New DNA Testing Could Prove JonBenet’s Brother Killed Her

Police have confirmed new DNA testing in the unsolved murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey is planned. Boxing Day will mark 20 years since the beauty queen was found murdered in her family's basement. 

Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett told NCB News his office had met with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, who will conduct further testing of DNA evidence. 

The body of little JonBenet was found bound and gagged in the family’s basement just hours after her parents reported the little girl missing. A ransom note was found at the scene.

Source: Supplied.  

Earlier this year a CBS documentary, which aired on the Nine Network, pointed the finger squarely at JonBenet’s older brother Burke. It claimed the then nine-year-old must have hit her over the heard with a flash light in a moment of rage, after the pair argued over a late night snack of pineapple. 

Burke denies the claims and is currently suing CBS for a reported $150 million dollars. The latest development will give the family the chance to put any speculation regarding their involvement to rest, or alternatively ignite debate again about their involvement. 

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