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Perth man advertises 'Clown Buster' services on Gumtree

If there are too many red noses and honky-horns in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?

Well, you could call this guy.

The recent surge in intimidating clown sightings has driven Perth man Les to place an ad for his ‘clown-busting’ services on Gumtree.


"Do you have an infestation of clowns?" the listing reads.

Do you wake up with balloon animals and can't remember how they got there?

Do you have a never-ending handkerchief coming from your pocket?

Do 20 of your neighbours fit in a small car plus a pony?

Well give me a call, we here at Clown Busters are happy to have any and or all clowns removed, provided you are willing to pay for all extra expenses.

I’ve had the bulbar recalibrated on the front of the Toyota to handle any size clown or clowns you may have

The $10 is to cover the car wash costs

No ponies were harmed in the making of this ad.

Stressing that the ad was clearly tongue-in-cheek, Les told 96FM he had the idea over a couple of beers.

“I read how a pregnant woman’s labour was brought on by getting frightened by a clown,” he said.

“My friend was telling me about how his 13-year-old daughter was having a nightmare about clowns. When her mum went to wake her, the girl hit her… she thought a clown was attacking her.”

“I just thought, well, an idiot problem needs an idiot solution.”

The ad, which has been up for about three days, has received about 150 views, but no takers… except one.

“One bloke asked if I could stuff and mount a clown’s head on a board, like a lion,” he laughed.

“I’m not serious and there’s been no backlash, but if the police wanted me to take it down, I would.”

Meanwhile, some costume outlets in the US are treating their scary clown sections as out-of-bounds, unless accompanied by a staff member.


Which is something manager of Doyles Fancy Costumes in Wangara, Trent Pavlos, may consider if the clown craze escalates any further.

“Some of the girls that work here say we should start taking names,” he told 96FM.

Despite this, Mr Pavlos reckons the interest in clown costumes is like a 'perfect storm' for this time of year – and is not necessarily from the creepy incidents in the US.

“We’ve noticed a spike” he said.

“…but the new version of Stephen King's movie IT is coming out, it’s nearly Halloween and the Year 12’s are close to finishing school, so, you know, muck-up day, it's hard to tell.”

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