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While things tend to quieten down over the holidays, people still need to get from A to B!

So with Christmas just around the corner, we looked into what Canberra drivers can expect to pay at the pump.

Benjamin Ling from ACT Fuel Watch reckons prices won’t surge dramatically, which is good news for those who’ve gone a bit overboard at the shops this year!

“Overall we’re competing at a slightly more fairer price than we have been in Christmas’s previous to this one, so hopefully we shouldn’t see any price rises,” he said.

“In 2013/14 there was a price surge a day or two out of the public holidays, which lasted through the Christmas and New Year period. However, we haven’t seen that as much in 2014, and it was all but gone in 2015.”

So while we’re told a petrol price surge is unlikely, Fuel Watch has some tips to avoid any potential last minute rises.

“It comes down to practicality more than pricing at this stage. I’d recommend filling up a few days before Christmas because it’ll be a nightmare getting into petrol stations on the day,” Mr Ling said.

“The more people who fill up mid week, the less demand there is on stations over the weekend, meaning there’s less chance they’ll force competition to the price, to enable weekend traffic to flow.”

Meanwhile, NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said they were expecting petrol prices to fall in the lead up to Christmas, which hasn’t happened.

“The oil companies know it’s Christmas and it appears they’re taking every opportunity in the lead up to Christmas to help themselves to some higher profits,” he said.

“A report last week showed the oil companies looked to make a profit of 32 million in addition to what they’d normally make over this period, given the falls haven’t happened.”

As for those heading to the coast, Fuel Watch reckons it’s better to fill up beforehand, while the NRMA recommends shopping around at the coast, to find a good deal.

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