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Pokemon GO Player Finds RARE Pokemon At Brother's Grave

There are currently 9.5 million Pokemon GO players around the world right now - and though most of the stories surrounding the game have been of a negative nature, this one is about as incredible as they come.

One user recalls how his late little brother loved the game and his favourite Pokemon character, Pikachu - and when he went to visit his grave, something incredible happened.

‘There was a Pikachu at the grave of my little brother who loved Pikachu,’ a Japanese Pokémon GO user tweeted.

The little boy has been buried with a cut out of Pikachu as his headstone, and the Pokemon GO user was astounded to see the incredibly rare Pikachu at the little boy’s grave.

It's unclear whether the Twitter user is in fact the brother of the deceased Pokémon fan - whose gravestone is sculpted in the likeness of Pikachu - or just someone who shared the photo.

Pokemon GO users have been searching endlessly for the rarest Pokemon, of which Pikachu is at the top of the list.

Rocket News 24 reports that the tweet had Japanese Twitter users all choked up.

The Japanese news site reports that one wrote: ‘This is amazing. I’m crying… at work.’

Another tweeted: ‘I wonder if this was set up by the game people when they saw the Pikachu grave?’

Source: Daily Mail

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