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By Donna Theron, Image Credit – Milan Markovic/123rf.com

I think Christmas is one of those things that you either love or hate. I have this relationship.

For me, it my absolute favourite time of the year and I love every little thing about it.

Starting with excitement in the lead up to the big day.

The swell in the shopping centres (and carparks!), the retailers enticing us with all sorts of offers, the gradual decline of pace at work as most get ready for their biggest break of the year. 

My husband hates the queues, I love to get amongst it.

I love to admire those around me shopping for their kids and the delight when they find what will surely surprise on the morn of the 25th. 

It's a time of year when I trawl old and new Christmas recipes searching for a few gems that will be sure to impress at Christmas lunch.

It's a great excuse to enjoy a wine every night of the week before as you assume the present wrapping position on the lounge room floor surrounded by a flood of paper and ribbon. 

I love to move around the house and hang decos, santas, tinsel and Christmas trinkets old and new.

The kids bright colourful trees, reindeers, snowman and pine cones they have created at school share the space.

There's just something about creating this fantasy experience.

Equally as enjoyable is the yard.

We are not the light show extravaganza people, but still enjoy the extra Bunnings trip for Christmas lights specials that we can position in the garden and on the verandah rails.

I love driving up the street to see who’s been game (or conned) to attempt some sort of colourful display.

Finally the best part. The art of giving and receiving. Of families coming together to share a fine meal.

The well needed break from routine and the pace of work.

No make-up, no high heels, no corporate suits and the reconnect with your family.

Just being slow and having no plans.

And that's also why I hate Christmas. When it's over, for another year.

We re-box, begrudgingly pull down the lights and Christmas tree (ok in early January!) and have to slip back into the real world.

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