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Image Credit – goodfood.com.au

It’s a question that divides the community.

When we visit our local takeaway shop, do we pick up a potato scallop OR a potato cake?

Kristen and Rod put the question out there on Facebook this morning.

Over 140 people have had their say, with SCALLOPS coming out on top!

“It’s potato scallop, the name comes from Escalope, “meaning a thin slice of”, in this case Potato. Potato scallops came from England or Ireland, so they anglicized the name to scallop. It is definitely not a cake.” – Carole

“In Canberra we say potato scallop, end of story! And every takeaway I have ever been to lists them as such too.” – Kerry

Kerryn gave us this piece of gold..


There were still plenty of people in favour of potato cake.

“Potato cake!!!!! You get battered scallops and they come from the ocean.” - Alexandra

“Cake, every day of the week. Scallops come from the sea.” - Shane

While others took a more diplomatic approach.

“It depends what’s inside. If it’s a slice (or scallop) of whole potato it’s a scallop, if it’s shredded potato made into a flat round shape it’s a potato cake.” – Mandy

“Does it really matter what you call them? Just enjoy eating them.” - Dana

BUT it seems one person had the right idea..

“Here’s an idea, right? Stop arguing and eat the damn thing.” - Ryan

The whole debate was sparked by news of a potato shortage – meaning some local takeaway shops haven’t been able to cook up the greasy goodness we all know as potato scallops, or, potato cakes.

Tony from Yass Road Takeaway in Queanbeyan spoke to Kristen and Rod this morning.

“They’re going through the new season right now and there’s a problem with the size of the scallops, I’ve been complaining for the last three to four months,” he said.

“I’ve been giving away extra scallops because they’re too small!”

BUT it isn’t all grim news for potato lovers out there..

There are still plenty of takeaway shops around Canberra that have lots in stock, including Mama Ria’s Takeaway Kippax, Nicholls Takeaway & Pizza, The Ainslie Takeaway, Erindale Takeaway, Kambah Village Takeaway and Johno’s Takeaway and Pizza Bar in Mawson, just to name a few!

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