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Footage Shows Man Being Pinned Down By Bunnings Guards

An alleged thief who was tackled by Bunning's security guards just 12 hours before he died, told the guards he could not breathe.

Shocking footage has been released by A Current Affair of Anthony Georgiou, 31, leaving the store in Frankston after he allegedly attempted to steal products.

The mobile phone footage shows Georgiou pinned down on his front with his arms twisted behind his back and saying 'Somebody help me, please! Get them off me! Help me!' 

A female bystander can be heard telling the guards to stop restraining him saying 'You need to be careful. He's saying he can't breathe.'

'It's called positional asphyxia. If you put pressure on his back while he's facing down, he can die. He's saying he can't breathe.' 

There has been no suggestion that Mr Georgiou was suffering from positional asphyxia, a problem that happens when people are unable to breathe in certain positions, when he died.

Eventually, the guards ease off Mr Georgiou, but he claims he is still having trouble breathing.

Police arrived at the scene and called an ambulance; paramedics then took Georgiou to a hospital in a critical condition. He died 12 hours later, leaving behind a four-year-old daughter.

In a statement, Mr Georgiou's family said they were in a 'state of shock and grief', branding his death 'unnecessary'.

A coroner is investigating the cause of death.

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