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Telstra's Free Data Day Broke The Internet

Telstra gave it's customers 24 hours of free data on Sunday to compensate for a network outage earlier this month.

The problem was people really, really tried to use the network to their advantage and it couldn't keep up the pace.

Within hours of the day starting customers began complaining that the network was only getting to 59MB per minute.. compared to speeds that usually hitting 100MB per second.

Telstra blame the speed problems on a ''high demand in some areas during the day as a large number of customers were in a single area.''

Not every person was disappointed with the service as one guy said ''I'm the guy who downloaded 400GB last time. I must be the only Telstra user at my home in my area as I'm still pulling fast speeds''.

The free data day is expected cost Telstra millions but customers are saying they would prefer a monthly boost over a day to ensure they actually got a service.

The thing about slow speeds? We may get free data again!

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