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The Bachelorette's Rhys Chilton Is On Tinder...

What do you do after being dumped on national TV after be ousted for being more interested in your modelling career than the girl???... that's right sign up to Tinder.

After discovering a fake profile on dating app Badaoo, Rhys Chilton has decided to embrace the online dating world, signing up to Tinder.

Rhys has entered the Tinder world in style, including the stock-standard topless pic on his profile and a a photo to make all ladies melt... a shot of the model cradling his cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... because he has a caring side and all... We're a little bit surprise and disappointed he didn't use the classic pic of him photoshopped with puppies. Then it would have been an instant swipe right.Β 

I don't usually fat shame... but seriously Felix, go for a run or something!

A photo posted by R h y s C h i l t o n 🍩🍰🍫 (@rhyschilton) on

Rhy's profile states 'I was once a wizard,' in reference to the numerous memes that filled the social media sphere comparing the 29-year-old to Harry Potter. Β 

His profile continues:Β 'Don't date me and a bunch of my friends and me at once, been there done that.'Β 

So prospective Tinder datersΒ stay well away from his faux love Tommy ...you've been warned.Β 


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