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The New Lorna Jane Ad The Internet Is VERY Happy About

Aussie fitness brand Lorna Jane hasn't done itself any favours recently, after founder Lorna Jane Clarkson told News.com.au that they wouldn't be selling plus-sized clothing any time soon.

"We make the sizes that sell in our stores," she explained, claiming that when they trialled larger sizes, they simply hadn't sold.

"Right now we have XS to XL and that's because that's what our customers want. 

"If we were going to try a larger size we would sell them in a store that demanded larger sizes, but that hasn't resulted in sales for us."

But the brand's latest ad has garnered a heap of support, sending the pic viral and collecting hundreds of comments - simply for featuring a woman who isn't a size six.

Happy customers quickly applauded the upload; Ashleigh Dennien commented that "all women whether they have curves or not are real! Beautiful picture and glad to see that diversity is being represented more and more by your company", while Lana Flanagan pointed out that "this was a photo I actually stopped and looked at.

"Wonderful to know you support us who don't have time to spend three hours at a gym each day but do enjoy an active lifestyle," she continued. 

The ad follows the company's request for their customers to "register your interest for sizes outside of the standard range" and a statement by Clarkson on the brand's website.

"We would love nothing more than for Lorna Jane to lead the industry in sizes outside of common fashion industry standards and we need your help and support to get there," she wrote.

Excellent work, you guys.


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