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The PM Has Made A Shocking Admission About His Marriage

He may be the Prime Minister of Australia, but that didn't stop Malcolm Turnbull dropping the f-word on radio yesterday.


It all started with a conversation about how he and wife Lucy had married at a young age.

Talking to 97.3fm's Robin, Terry & Bob, the PM admitted it was the best decision he'd ever made before asking if he could share a story about how they got married.

At the time the loved up couple were living in a small village outside Oxford in the UK, when they decided they wanted to tie the knot at a local Anglican Church.

However after learning they were Catholic and Presbyterian the Vicar refused.


That was until Mr Turnbull pulled out this argument...

"I said to him, 'You're a Minister in the Church of England right?' And he said 'yes'," he revealed.

"I said, 'And the Church of England is an established Church in the United Kingdom?' He said 'yes'.

"I said, 'well one of your jobs is to prevent fornication in this parish'. And he said 'yeah'.

"I said, 'well look, Ms Hughes and I are not making any admissions, but we are young and in excellent health and sorely tempted. If you marry us you will eliminate the risk of fornication in the cottage where we are living down the road.

"And he thought that was so funny that he said 'done'."

And that's how the Prime Minister of Australia got married - through threat of fornication.

Love, isn't it a beautiful thing.

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