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Things Have Taken A HUGE Turn Over Bali Teen Arrest

Reports have emerged that the ‘white powder’ a Perth teenager was arrested over at a Bali nightspot was most likely pain medication, specifically paracetamol.

Jamie Murphy, 18, was picked up after he was allegedly found with a small plastic bag containing white powder at a Kuta nightclub.

An official statement is yet to be made, however the 1.46 grams of the substance appears to be pain medication, the Daily Telegraph reported.

They also reported that two police sources confirmed that blood and urine tests on the teen have tested negative for drugs.

Meanwhile, as friends of the teen campaign that the arrest was a “set up”, new information has come to light that the footage of the arrest was a “re-enactment”.

In a video of the arrest obtained by Nine, the teen can be heard saying “it’s not mine” and “this is a [bleep] joke… I don’t do this [bleep], I only drink!” while a guard holds up the bag.

Channel Ten reporter Rebecca Munro, who is in Bali, said she had viewed the actual footage.

“What people don’t understand is that [the aired footage] was actually a re-enactment of what happened,” she said. 

“Last night I went into the Skygarden bar and looked at the actual moment he was searched, they handed over the CCTV.”


Ms Munro said that in that footage, she saw a routine search where “they’ve obviously seen something” and took Mr Murphy up to “chief security” on the second level.

After the police were alerted, she said Mr Murphy was escorted down to a police hut at the end of the street.

“And that’s when police said to security ‘can you re-enact what has happened’ and that’s when the media’s filmed it,” she said.

Mr Murphy is believed to have just graduated from high school before arriving on the popular tourist island on Sunday with two friends.

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