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Teen Loses His Life After Taking Part in Viral Craze

A new bizarre online craze has left a 13-year-old Brisbane boy dead. Known online as the 'good boys game' the fad encourages participants to film themselves whilst choking themselves. 

The principal of Brisbane Catholic School, where the young boy attended, has spoken out in an attempt to warn parents about the craze. 

He's urging parents to monitor their children's online behaviour, saying many children don't realise they can actually kill themselves or cause lasting damage by attempting the challenge.   

The boy's cricket club has paid tribute to the much loved teen. 

“(He) was a talented left-arm bowler, sharp fielder and hard-hitting batsman. A team player who embraced the true spirit of friendship and cricket,” one club wrote.

It's not the first time someone has lost their life to the online craze. Last June a 12-year-old British boy was taking part in the game in his bedroom when he passed out. 

It's understood the game is a few years old, but has become popular again. 

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