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Warning After Popular Christmas Present Causes Near Drowning

A beach and pool inflatable that proved a popular Christmas gift has been blamed for two near drownings.

The Now Lounger, which is marketed as being safe for both on land and in the water, inflates with air by swinging it back and forth before rolling up the end to seal it shut.

However, it’s easy inflation is being blamed for the scary incidents.


Taking to Facebook, Victorian mum Anthea Chester warner others not to use the Air Lounger on water.

“My 12 year old daughter Hollie was using her "Air Lounger" Christmas present on Christmas day whilst in the pool,” the paramedic shared.

“The colored lining split WITHOUT WARNING, engulfing her body whilst the blow up part shot upwards, pushing her under the water.

“She was left engulfed by the fabric which was clinging to her face and entire body like shrink wrap.

“She had no idea which way was up or down, or where the edge of the pool was.”

The lounger has no warnings when it comes to using it in the water, with the Now Lounger website displaying photos of it being used in pools.

Another family have shared a similar experience on Facebook after taking to the water with the lounger on Christmas Day.

Julie Kosy says what started off as a laugh, quickly turned dangerous with her dad almost drowning.

“It turned inside out, then flipped, encasing him face down in the pool totally wrapped in liner and suffocating,” she wrote.

“Several seconds after this picture was taken he was thrashing about fighting for air. It was absolutely terrifying.”


Both women said the loungers came with no instructions on how they should be used.

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