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When's Summer Coming Back?!

By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit - Brankica Vlaskovic/123rf.com

Now we all know Canberra weather is usually all over the shop, but what is actually happening today?!

It’s gloomy, wet and cloudy and we’re expecting a top of just 17 degrees, in the middle of December!

It felt like a lifetime for it to actually feel like summer in Canberra, and now, we’re back to it being overcast and chilly.

According to Weatherzone, we can expect another 10-15 millimetres of rain today, on top of the 5-10 we’ve already had.

We can’t blame Canberra’s weird weather patterns for this one, the cool change is affecting other parts of the country too, including large parts of southern, central and north western NSW.

Sydney in particular is noticing a big change, it’s 10-15 degrees colder there today than it was yesterday.

“It’s not that unusual to experience a change like we’re having at the moment, but given that we’re only in the mid teens today, that’s a fair bit below the December average by about 10 to 11 degrees,” Weatherzone’s Brett Dutschke said.

“It’s not this cold every December, but it does happen from time to time.”

While the weather’s expected to warm up in the capital on Saturday, we’ll have to wait till Christmas to see temps surpass the twenties.

Temps are expected to hang around in the teens for most of tomorrow, before climbing to 28 on Saturday, with a possible shower.

Sunday will cool off slightly, with a top of 22 degrees.

Then temps are expected to hit the mid to late twenties in the week leading up to Christmas, with a top of around 30 expected on Christmas Day.

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