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Why You Should Let Gran Babysit More Often, Because Research

Turns out you shouldn't feel guilty for leaving your children with their grandparents on the regular. 

Research suggests that as well as the joy Grandma gets from spending time with family, babysitting grandkids also helps keep the mind sharp. 

In fact, Grandmas who helped with the child rearing at least once a week scored better on cognitive tests -with research suggesting that it could also decrease their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 

The study was based on post-menopausal women, so statistics for men are not covered. 

On the flip side, there has also been studies that show children are generally happier if their grandparents are involved in their upbringing. 

The research compiled by Oxford University and the Institute of Education in London disputes previous reports that suggests heavy grandparent involvement could lead to the children developing depression and having a largely negative impact. 

So, win-win, it helps grandma. It helps the kids in their development. AND you get more time to yourself / as a couple / with friends. 

What isn't to love!

H/T Country Living

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