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Woman ATTACKED At Melbourne Polling Station On Election Day.

Police are investigating allegations that a woman, 48, was left with bite marks to her hand after being involved in a scuffle with a man in his 60s outside Armada Public School in Melbourne.

The woman claims she approached two men who took issues with Greens signs and when the men became aggressive she attempted to take their photo with her mobile phone, causing one of them to attack her.

Michael McCormack told The age ''Two men approached us in the car, upset the Greens had put posters and other things up – we’re talking the heartland of Liberaldom here. I wound down the window and they got aggressive. We had been advised that if we felt threatened by people we should take their photo. My fellow Green took out her phone to do that and the guy reached across me and grabbed her and was trying to pull her phone away.'

Victoria Police have confirmed the incident happened and the two men are said to have driven off in a white SUV.

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