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Heavily Pregnant Woman Refused Entry Into Virgin Lounge

When Meghan-Rachel Cochrane's Virgin Australia flight was delayed for nine hours, she had to sleep on the floor after being refused entry into their lounge. 

Meghan-Rachel's flight from brisbane was delayed due to weather conditions on Monday, meaning it was unable to reach Sydney before curfew. 

According to her, passengers were told by staff that they would be put up in a hotel for the night and transferred back at 5am but an hour later the offer of accommodation was denied. 

Then, her friend stepped in to help. 

"Olivia, being the concerned friend she is, asked if I would be able to go to the Virgin lounge as a 36-week pregnant lady shouldn't be made to sit in the seats the terminal offers for nine hours (keep in mind I've had braxton hicks all day", Meghan-Rachel wrote on Facebook. 

"The staff then went on to say that the lounge was only available for those who were flying with business boarding passes. With no other options, we walked out of the Virgin boarding area and into the main check-in terminals to sit and wait it out". 

Then, her mum tried. 

"Mum, being the concerned mum she is, then called Virgin Australia to plead my case in an attempt to get some compassion and a decent chair for me". 

"The Virgin staff then told mum that they understood her concerns but that it would be unfair of them to let me in and not others that were also waiting."

With three hours to go before boarding, Meghan-Rachel was forced to sleep on the floor, unable to sit up properly. 

"Way to look after your customers Virgin Australia. I understand that the weather wasn't your fault, but it also wasn't mine and a little compassion can go a long way". 

Our flight from Brisbane was cancelled tonight due to "weather" & not being able to board the flight & land in Sydney in...

Posted by Meghan-Rachel Cochrane on Sunday, November 29, 2015

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