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Drive with Courts

There's the Threeme Train @ 3pm, Last One Standing @5pm.
Weekday Afternoons

There's the Threeme Train @ 3pm, Last One Standing @5pm.


Job: Announcer


Favourite Food: Chocolate and chicken. Never ~usually~ together but I am open to choc/chick ideas from any specialty chefs.


Ideal Weekend: One where I don't accidentally just end up binge watching TV shows and actually leave the house.


Worst Habit: I wine too much.


Hobbies: Writing and drawing and adult colouring books


Favourite TV Shows: Well, my dogs name is Chandler, so I guess you could say I quite like Friends. Orange Is The New Black, Inside Amy Schumer, Breaking Bad, Banshee, Mad Men... OMG I could literally go on forever (see "Ideal Weekend")


Favourite Movies:  Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect


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