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Job: Morning Announcer and Music Assistant

Favourite Food: How many can I pick? Seafood, roast dinners, mangoes, feijoas (actually most fruit and veg), chocolate (mostly dark these days), anything coconut, Connoisseur Café Grande Ice cream but I hardly eat it… because when I start… well let’s say it gets ugly…

Ideal weekend: Coast trip or catch up with family and friends… hanging with pets.

Worst Habit: Thinking too much and stressing… not washing my car, and staying up too late.

Hobbies: Walking, Yoga, photography, drawing, growing my own veggies etc.

Favourite TV Shows: Wentworth, Love Child, Have You Been Paying Attention, and (though I though it was the dumbest idea when I heard about it) Gogglebox.

Favourite Movies: The Wedding Singer, Love Actually, Bridget Jones flicks, Bridesmaids, Pulp Fiction, Ghost, Karate Kid, Back to the Future… ok I had better stop now.