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Who is the Best Wiggle Ever?

by Rod Cuddihy & Kristen Henry, Image Credits - The Wiggles on facebook

Rod loves the yellow Wiggle Emma...

If you think it’s harsh choosing a favourite Wiggle, bear this in mind… Purple Wiggle Lachy even chose his favourite & it wasn’t him.

The talk of favourites in any group is always fraught with danger. Sure Justin Timberlake’s ‘solo project’ worked out, but don’t talk to the remaining members of Nsync about it.

The Wiggles are tempting fate by allowing the members to pursue their own ‘solo projects’. Both Yellow Wiggle Emma & Purple Wiggle Lachy have their own separate TV shows. Red Wiggle Simon is recording an opera album. And Blue Wiggle Anthony is a founding member and can rely on royalties a bit more than the others.

But it’s through these ‘solo projects’ that one Wiggles’ star has shone brightest. And you can see it reflected in the most dominant colour of Wiggles audiences… yellow! Emma’s yellow headband & bow are far and away the top selling piece of merchandise sold & worn at their concerts.

And it’s more than the fact that Emma is flying the flag for all the little girls around the world. Yes, that obviously helps. It was always the group’s most outstanding oversight, but when the original members chucked some coloured skivvies on & changed their name from “The Cockroaches” the idea of global domination never occurred to them, let alone the benefits of gender equality.

In 2016 however, Emma is more than “the girl Wiggle”, or the “new yellow Wiggle”… she is a singing, dancing, acting triple threat.   

Emma - The Yellow Wiggle

Kristen likes the blue Anthony most...

The blue Wiggle Anthony is THE BEST, chuck out the rest. He’s the original and my absolute favourite man who wears a bright skivvy and waves his fingers. He makes me feel as warm as a Hot Potato.

He is the main man behind everything. Thanks to him, the Wiggles exist. Where do you think the newer members learnt how to dance? It was he who formed The Cockroaches who then turned into The Wiggles. Anthony was the one who brought the team together after finishing a teaching degree.

Despite earning a truck load of cash thanks to The Wiggles success you won’t see Anthony turn up in a Big Red Car. He prefers his motorbike and a very modest lifestyle.

Here’s a fun fact about him, he’s all tattooed up and a gym junkie. He has a wild side the old Blue Wiggle and is a favourite amongst the Mum’s.

For his service to the arts and making Aussie kids smile he was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2010. What a guy, hey? When the Wiggles turn 25 and visit Canberra in December, make sure you cheer for Anthony the loudest! 


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