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Help Monica

40-year-old Canberra mum Monica's dying wish is to spend more time with her family and friends...and her newborn son.


After a brief moment of joy, Monica's life came crashing down. In the midst of wedding preparations, Monica's aunt died in tragic circumstances. The shop where she ordered her wedding dress went into liquidation - losing her deposit on her dream wedding dress.


Soon after having post-phoned her dream wedding, Monica discovered she was about to begin a long and arduous battle with breast cancer. Two days after she was diagnosed with triple aggressive breast cancer, Monica was told she was pregnant.


She was also told that if she didn't start treatment immediately, then she might not be around to see her baby, however determined to see her baby boy, she went 6 surgeries during pregnancy.


Monica is now battling aggressive breast cancer which has spread to to her bones -  and was recently diagnosed as terminal.


With only a few months left to live, Monica's final wish is to travel Australia, visit family and friends across the country - before she says goodbye.


To find out more, please visit Monica's mycause campaign HERE 

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