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Is Elf on the Shelf a good idea?

By Kristen Henry, Image Credit - kidsinthehouse.com 

Santa has got himself a new helper – and he gets more popular by the day. The Elf on the Shelf.

Most see him as fun and harmless but I’d like to argue he’s not.

A quick recap for those thinking ‘Who is the Elf on the Shelf?’.. he’s a small doll who “is actually alive and moves around when you're not looking. He's watching you and you never know where he will turn up next. And if he sees you doing something wrong he reports directly back to Santa”. Or so the box says.

I just wonder if we’re sending the wrong message.

Firstly, is it a good idea to reward good behaviour with the promise of gifts? I worry that our friend promotes the idea that if you’re good you get stuff.

Also, what happens when it’s not Christmas and the elf goes on Holidays to the Maldives. If there’s no-one there to “watch” that we’re all behaving well, is it party time?

Sidenote, I’ve heard he also farts glitter. His mess may be difficult to clean up.

This Christmas you won’t find an Elf on my Shelf. 

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